Eliminator of Limiting Beliefs

Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner

Hypnosis Facilitator

Eliminator of Your Limiting Beliefs

Coach and Cheerleader for Women


I’m AJ – a Licensed Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner with years of experience supporting high-profile female entrepreneurs, as a part-Business Manager and part-Therapist.

Having moved fulltime into the therapy space, I specialise in eliminating limiting beliefs and helping women go from self-doubt to self-trust, supporting them to rewire beliefs, create positive habits and to feel truly worthy of living their dream life.

With a superpower of making people feel really seen and heard, I am known for providing a safe space for women to get to the root cause of their beliefs, break free of the repetitive patterns that are holding them back and to change their life by changing their thoughts.

Whether it’s via RTT sessions, 1:1 coaching or within my membership group ‘The Connective’ – my work helps women to feel significantly lighter, more confident and capable of pursuing their personal and professional goals.

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“Wow! If you need to dive deeper to bring about positive change or release what isn’t serving you then AJ is your woman.  Thank you AJ for your personalised care through our sessions together,  I feel lighter and so much better about myself.

Years of suppressed emotions are now shed and I’ve had so many ‘Aha’ moments since our session. Life makes sense.”

Jenni, SA

“AJ created and held a very safe space for me. I was able to talk with her about emotions/experiences I hadn’t ever really shared before, and felt totally supported during both our sessions and in AJ’s generous follow up.

I feel emotionally lighter, calmer, and more powerful after completing my RTT and love my recording. Thank you so much!”

Emily, NZ