AJ Davis

Intuitive Mindset & Business Coach


Intuitive Mindset & Online Sales Coach

Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist (RTTP)

200+ client transformations

Unexpected content creation enthusiast

Extroverted introvert, music lover & Analogy Queen


I’m AJ – an intuitive Business Mindset & Sales Coach and Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist.

I specialise in helping women in business just like you to have a great relationship with yourself, so you can make more money, impact & choices.

My personal transformation out of chronic people-pleasing and perfectionism, as well as the behind-the-scenes insights I gained from running my first business (working with high-profile entrepreneurs), sparked my love of understanding how our mind works and how mindset significantly impacts business success and happiness.

I have since helped hundreds of women to overcome their inner blocks (like self-doubt, procrastination & fear of failure) and to have the confidence, content & words to launch and sell online.

I’m known for being highly intuitive and tuning into exactly what my clients need most, while supporting them to tap into and trust their own intuition as they build a wildly successful business they love.


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“Wow! If you need to dive deeper to bring about positive change or release what isn’t serving you then AJ is your woman.  Thank you AJ for your personalised care through our sessions together,  I feel lighter and so much better about myself.

Years of suppressed emotions are now shed and I’ve had so many ‘Aha’ moments since our session. Life makes sense.”

Jenni, SA

“AJ created and held a very safe space for me. I was able to talk with her about emotions/experiences I hadn’t ever really shared before, and felt totally supported during both our sessions and in AJ’s generous follow up.

I feel emotionally lighter, calmer, and more powerful after completing my RTT and love my recording. Thank you so much!”

Emily, NZ