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“I had the absolute pleasure of working with AJ at a time in my life where I had lost some career momentum. I was self-sabotaging my own efforts and stopping myself from business expansion when I contacted AJ. She was so kind, professional and understanding and helped me overcome self doubt and surface the underlying belief that was holding my potential back.

After our enlightening session I committed fully to her RTT protocol and I can’t even explain the impact it has had on my business but also my entire life, my relationship with myself and how I interact with others”

Ange, QLD

“The outcome from the RTT session with AJ, and the recording that I continued to listen to well after the first 28 days, was far beyond my expectations. I feel so much lighter and happier now.

It’s not only me that has noticed but also my family and friends. My kids have even said that I’m more fun. Life feels like it’s in full Technicolor now. It has been life changing, literally.

Of all the different modalities that I have used in the past few years, RTT with AJ has had the biggest results for me, by a huge margin.”

Kathryn, UK

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